RM Compare in the classroom

RM Compare can be used in the classroom to engage students in assessment as and for learning.

Transform educational outcomes for your students by being comparatively brilliant. Try RM Compare free and join the global assessment revolution!

Discover how it can help you boost creativity, improve students’ understanding of learning goals and encourage collaborative learning.

Use insight from your reports to identify where additional support is needed, guide your teaching and improve outcomes.

All flexibly between classroom and remote learning.

How does it work?

Assessment as learning

Planning for Learning by Evaluation (LbE) - Expose learners to a wide variety of work to improve their understanding of what good looks like.

Planning for a Top of the Class competition - (ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY) Top of the Class is a quick and fun way to rank things - using the same comparison process that makes RM Compare so powerful.

Assessment for learning

Planning for Peer Learning - Encourage active and collaborative learning by engaging students and their peers in the assessment and feedback process.

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