Planning for Peer Learning

5 Top Tips for planning a great Peer Learning session with RM Compare

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RM Compare recognises that there is not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to Peer learning. Instead, it offers a bunch of functions and features that a skilled educator can knit together to meet their requirements.

This article highlights some of the key considerations to make when planning a peer assessment session.

Giving feedback

Enabling feedback in your sessions is a good way to encourage learners to reflect on their decisions as they go through their judgments and to encourage deeper learning.

When a pair of items are presented to a user you can ask learners to provide two types of feedback:

Learn how to set up your session to enable feedback.

Receiving feedback

Accessing peer feedback in RM Compare

All feedback (both judgement and item) outlined in the process above is easily accessible to session administrators from the session dashboard. In addition, all feedback can be downloaded for additional analysis as required e.g., if you want to look at the feedback before passing it onto learners.

It is also possible to give learners direct access to the feedback received by their peers. The requirement for this to happen is that learners upload their own items into the session.

Learn how to allow learners to submit their items and access feedback

Item performance results view

Anonomysed data rank order

The comparative process places items into a rank order. It is possible to make final results accessible to all learners so they can view the position of their item on the rank.

In this view, results will be automatically anonymised; every learner will only be able to see their own name.

Learn how to allow learners to access view their results.

Manage participants workload

In Peer Learning situations it might be that it is not so important to achieve very high levels of reliability in the rank and instead the priority is around feedback. Where this is the case you can use the rounds calculator to get the profile you are looking for.

Learn how to use the rounds calculator.

Remember the importance of the Holistic Statement

As with all RM Compare sessions setting an appropriate Holistic Statement for learners to judge against is essential. Our advice is to keep these as simple and as clear as possible to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding. The aim is for all learners to approach the task with the same interpretation of the holistic statement.

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