Multi-Cohort sessions

Easily coordinate large sessions with multiple groups (For example schools, classes or year groups) to super-power reporting, analytics and impact.

A regular RM Compare session is set up by an Administrator who gathers together the Items and Judges, and also chooses the various settings necessary to meet the session objectives. This is called a Single Cohort Design (SCD).

Multi-Cohort Functionality in RM Compare allows multiple SCD’s to be brought together to form a Multi-Cohort Design (MCD). A good example of this is where a school group wants to be able to see the relative performance of different establishments. You can see the power of this approach in the Advanced Reporting capability.

In addition to the two established RM Compare roles (Administrator and Judge), MCD creates a Super Administrator role. This is advanced functionality and is only available on request – contact us for more information.

With the Multi-Cohort Functionality provisioned, Super Administrators can create Session Templates to share with constituent groups. Each group is then able to populate their template with Items and Judges before everything is merged. You can think of it as creating a super session!


Steve wants to run a single session across 14 schools. He is interested in looking at the relative performance between schools, year groups and classes. He creates a Multi-Cohort Session and shares it with each school. Independently the Schools add in their own Items (for example student work) and judges (for example teachers). Once completed Steve can merge the 14 sessions to create the ‘Super Session’.

In the Super Session we now have all the judges and items from all of the schools. Once closed the session data can be used to produce powerful Advanced Reporting.

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