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The power and simplicity of Comparative Judgement has been well known for some time, but it has been challenging to realise the benefits........until now.

"What is Adaptive Comparative Judgement?"

Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) involves judges comparing pairs of student work and choosing which one is better. The process is iterative and adaptive, with the algorithm adjusting which pairs of work are presented to the judges based on the results of previous comparisons. This allows for an efficient and statistically sound ranking of all the assessed work, from strongest to weakest, without the need for detailed marking criteria. Groundbreaking RM Compare technology delivers trusted, impactful results that are faster, more reliable, and scalable. Find out more...

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RM Compare provides a world leading, research backed system that has the flexibility to meet the needs of Accreditors, Educators and Learners around the world. Find out more...

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In a changing world RM Compare can give you the edge. Our ground-breaking technology lets you solve everyday challenges to get jobs done better for yourself and others. The only limit is your imagination.

The highly flexible RM Compare system has encourages its use in learning and feedback, standardising, and assessment and moderation scenarios. Find out more....

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