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Liberate assessment with the world leading Adaptive Comparative Judgement solution

Assess creatively

Ever thought there must be a better way to assess? One that rewards rather than inhibits creative responses? One that assesses underlying skills as well as knowledge?

Teaching to the test can be a real passion killer. This is because most assessments demand similar responses and convergent thinking. A comparative approach however encourages divergent thinking and rewards skilful, creative responses.

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Standardise efficiently

Standardising and moderating assessment is a challenging process requiring considerable time and effort. RM Compare offers an alternative approach that delivers significant advantages over traditional methods.

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Teachers collaboratively assessing student work using RM Compare

Learn actively

Encourage active and collaborative learning by engaging students and their peers in the assessment and feedback process. At the same time, expose learners to a wide variety of work to improve their understanding of what good looks like.

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Primary students using RM Compare to assess examples of writing work

Grade comparatively

Want to use Adaptive Comparative Judgement to support marking and grading?
With processes like Simplified Pairs and Script Seeding RM Compare can be used to enhance existing assessment activities.

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