Webinar Invitation: Comparative Judgement as a facilitator for Peer Assessment (June 30th 2022)

Children taking part in peer assessment

Comparative judgment as a facilitator for peer assessment - A presentation by Dr Eva Hartell

Dr. Eva Hartell is an experienced elementary teacher in STEM subjects, and she holds a PhD in the area of educational assessment focused on teachers’ assessment practices. She has extensive experience in school-based research working with teachers, schools and municipalities to conduct practice-based research, and is currently working in the municipality of Haninge and at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Sweden. KTH | Eva Hartell

Eva has had an interest in Comparative Judgement for a number of years and is supported by RM Compare.

What is the focus of this presentation?

This webinar will report on an ongoing research and development project which explores Adaptive Comparative Judgment as a facilitator for peer feedback in primary Science, Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) education. The focus will be on the ongoing exploratory study Open Spaces (Open-spaces is an open-ended and multi-disciplinary activity, where 10–12-year-old students redesigned an open public space in the vicinity of their school – from an Agenda 2030 perspective).

The study is being conducted with the purpose of understanding how young students perceive and handle peer feedback by exploring a novel methodology aiming to unpack judges’ decision-making.  The webinar will discuss how this research increases our understanding of decision-making behind peer assessment in an adaptive comparative judgement process supporting formative assessment practices.

The webinar will also explore how the research contributes to the field by experimenting with novel approaches to unpack how and why digital assessment may contribute to formative assessment practices in open-ended design-scenarios in primary STEM education.

The event is being presented by AEA Europe on Thursday 30th June (13:00 - 14:00 GMT+1). You can sign up HERE.