An altogether different approach to assessment.

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A simpler, faster and more predictable way of standardising assessment

CJ On Demand - Faster!

Standardising and moderating assessments is a challenging process requiring considerable time and effort, even using traditional Comparative Judgement techniques.

RM Compare On Demand offers an alternative approach that reduces workload by dramatically reducing the time needed to assess and standardise.

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Results in only 6 judgements!

CJ On Demand - More predictable

Achieving guaranteed levels of reliability in any standardisation process is challenging. The confidence achieved from established moderation can fluctuate. A comparative approach can improve things, however obstacles remain.

By taking an original approach, RM Compare On-Demand can overcome many of the problems associated with existing approaches to achieving high levels of standardisation reliability.

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Highly reliable results - everytime!

CJ On Demand - Higher throughput and output

Improved efficiencies in the CJ On Demand approach empowers users to run assessments at a scale previously unattainable.

Standardisation can easily take place across large institutions, regions or even countries.

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Fully scalable

RM Compare is developing fast

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