Newsletter December 2022


A personal goal this year was to launch a blog to support the work we are doing. I managed to get the first one out the door at the end of March. Since then I have written and published 40 more, exceeding my 'one a week' target.

Writing content is a bit more challenging than posting stuff from other people with a pithy comment of your own. These are instead blank pieces of paper that need filling with creative content. The thought of putting a new set of ideas and thoughts out every week can seem quite daunting.

The early ones were pretty tough to get done. They took forever and the quality wasn't that great. But like anything, with practice things improve (I think!). Engagement has improved steadily which is encouraging to the novice.

The experience has been hugely positive, and I would recommend giving it a go. You will learn a lot (and your readers might learn something also).

Thanks to everyone who has taken a look at any of the ramblings.

Thank you

This is the final Newsletter of the 2022. During the year we have posted nearly 50 times to the Blog which we hope you have enjoyed and have found informative and useful. Looking back you can see just how much is going with RM Compare - it has been a busy year!

It's sometimes easy to forget what an extra-ordinary experience the past few years has been and how the start of 2022 was still far from 'normal'. The challenges have been immense for everyone, including our small team of innovators. Trying to find a way forward with a new product is tough at the best of times. We cannot thank all our users enough who have stuck with us through this period and continue to share the passion and belief we have for this project. Together we have taken massive strides and can now see some incredible opportunities ahead.

In case you missed it

Blog posts in November

Looking ahead to 2023

In the past couple of months, we have launched the concept of RM Compare on Demand. We have received incredibly strong validation which gives us the confidence to push forward. We now have some world class partners to work with over the coming months to further refine things - you will be hearing a lot more from them as we progress. There is still opportunity to get involved. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

Our focus then continues to be with RM Compare on Demand. Expect to see some ground-breaking developments appearing over the next few months and beyond. 2023 is going to be an exciting year.