RM Compare Newsletter - June 2024

Welcome to our latest monthly report which is packed full of news about new product releases and the very latest research and opinion on all things Adaptive Comparative Judgement.

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New Premium Reporting - Dig even deeper into your data with our new Premium Reporting. A new set of powerful analytics tools will help you to get even more from your sessions.

New! Bulk Item creation - Sometimes you might want to get lots of Items into RM Compare quickly (competition entries for example). Now you can!

New - Improved Contributing Judge Accelerator for peer learning: The Contributing Judge Accelerator allows judges to add their own Items to a session. It is frequently used in Peer Learning contexts.

New - Run sessions at scale with the improved Multi-Cohort Accelerator: The multi-cohort Accelerator allows for the creation of Parent-Child relationship between establishments to facilitate large scale sessions.

Enhanced assessment and learning with ACJ - A research paper: A new comprehensive set of studies from the School of Engineering (University of Liverpool) highlights the potential impact ACJ can have in teaching, learning and assessment.

Eurovision Judging - it's noisy (and biased) 1/2: The correlation between the rank order in Eurovision given by the expert panel process and the public vote process has been a subject of analysis and debate. Studies and observations indicate that there is often a noticeable disparity between the two voting processes.

Understanding Decision Hygiene: reducing Noise and Bias with RM Compare (2/2): In the realm of decision-making, two significant challenges often undermine the accuracy and fairness of our judgments: noise and bias. This blog post aims to elucidate the differences between noise and bias, explain their impact on decision-making, and demonstrate how RM Compare can enhance decision hygiene to reduce these errors.