Comparative Judgement in Vocational Settings

Assessing in vocational settings can pose unique challenges. This is especially true when we think about the importance of authenticity in assessment validity. In this respect Adaptive Comparative Judgement is particularly well placed to be part of any assessment mix. There are a number of reasons for this.

  1. RM Compare can accommodate a wide variety of item types including documents, video, audio and webpages
  2. It can work in any context where the candidate needs to demonstrate the application of knowledge through an open ended performance
  3. It encourages diverse responses, encouraging candidates to escape from the restrictions of a traditional rubric and in doing so being better able to show their true level of ability

We can see this in some examples below

Images: What wall demonstrates the highest level of bricklaying proficiency?

Video: Which interviewee is best able to communicate with clarity and confidence?

Portfolio: Which essay shows a better critical understanding of relevant legal issues and legal reasoning?

As we have considered before, assessing holistically also allows us to have a more authentic approach to curriculum and pedagogy.

Perhaps the most exciting and impactful development here however is yet to come. RM Compare On Demand will allow us to use 'When-Ready' assessment through Comparative Judgement at scale. We believe that this has transformative potential for Vocational education, not least in supporting the quest for authentic assessment.

We are working with vocational assessment partners across the world. Get in touch if you would like to know more.