Headteacher Steve Dew wins at 2022 E-Assessment Awards with ACJ work

The Awards

The awards take place annually in London as part of the E Assessment Association conference which brings together industry leaders from around the world.

Steve Dew

Steve has worked with RM Compare for many years as a Headteacher and as a founder of his business Assess Progress. You can read more about his work HERE.

The win

Steve was awarded the Best Practitioner of the Year Award.

What next?

Steve continues to work closely with the RM Compare team as we push forward with our mission to liberate assessment. Even more schools will be working with Steve in the next academic year and we can't wait to share in his progress. A number of key product development have been built around the learnings we have had with Steve. These include

What do we mean by 'liberating assessment'?

Ever thought there must be a better way to assess? One that rewards rather than inhibits creative responses? One that assesses underlying skills as well as knowledge?

Teaching to the test can be a real passion killer. This is because most assessments demand similar responses and convergent thinking. A comparative approach however encourages divergent thinking and rewards skillful, creative responses.

You can read all about the amazing work we doing right here. Together we can give educators and learners the assessment they deserve.