Newsletter: October 2022


The time is right for CJ On-Demand

We have spoken a lot recently about our desire to move toward an On-Demand version of RM Compare. This is groundbreaking work, building on years of innovation and research. Once realised, we believe it will finally allow Comparative Judgement to reach its potential.

I am pleased to say that things continue to move forward, and you can now find out much more about our progress and ambitions. You should see a new 'CJ On-Demand' tab at the top of this page which will take you to the right place to learn more.

Recent Blog highlights

  • Comparing Conference: 'Trads' vs 'Progs' - Finding common ground in an uncertain world
  • Teaching to the (right kind of) test- empowering curriculum and pedagogy - Accepting the influence of assessment on curriculum and pedagogy, what might be some of the benefits of a more holistic approach?

On the road

RM Compare will be visible at a number of events and conferences in the next few months - please say hello if you are in attendance.

Research Focus

RM Compare continues to be used across the world in a number of research projects.

We have received some encouraging news this week of some preliminary results from a study taking place at Cambridge University using RM Compare to assess doctoral assessments in a formative context. More news to follow on this is due course.