Newsletter: September 2022


Back to School with RM Compare

To some of you at least, welcome back after the summer break. For those of you who did not get the break or are perhaps in parts of the world on a different schedule, welcome back anyway!!

A busy summer and lots to look forward to

Work for the RM Compare team has continued throughout the summer. This has included the release of some new features.

New feature release! You can now add items from a previous session. Read more here.

Add items from a previous session

We are excited to be attending some brilliant events over the next few months - you can read about them all in our events calendar. Let us know if you are also attending. It would be great to catch up.

What's next?

We have no shortage of things to be getting on with however there is one particular problem that is getting our attention. This is the need for assessors everywhere to accurately measure students work against an accepted standard. Right now we know that assessors are completing all sorts of burdensome tasks to try to get this job done and ending up with largely unsatisfactory results. In a recent blog post, Professor Richard Kimble presented some thoughts on a possible solution. We are continuing to work with Richard and others on this important task. Please get in touch if you also like to involved.