RM Compare Newsletter - July 2024

As one academic year draws (at least in this part of the world) to close we are reflecting on lessons learnt while continuing to work hard preparing for the next one.

New Quality Assurance Functionality. RM Compare sessions need to remain un-interrupted once they are running. Items cannot be removed or added. It is important therefore to ensure that all Items added to a session are carefully checked.

Assessing Design Innovation - The e-scape project 20 years on. On the eve of the UK election there is a lot of talk of 'change' - can we look back in order to look forward? The e-scape project ran from 2004-2009 and provides some important lessons.

New Research Validates RM Compare Ranks as Effective On-Demand Rulers. A recent study provides compelling evidence that further validates the effectiveness of ACJ ranks as on-demand rulers for assessment purposes.

On Validity and reliability. A common question we get asked concerns the reliability data shown in the standard reports. To understand the usefulness of this number it is worth stepping back a little to consider reliability as a concept and its relationship to validity in assessment session design.

Improving student outcomes by Learning through Evaluation. How a simple intervention delivered improved learning outcomes in a study of 550 University students