What's your Top of the Class?

We all love ranking things

What are the top skills students need to succeed? What's the best homework excuse ever? What do people wish they had learnt at school? What's the nations favourite school subject?

The team at RM have developed Top of the Class as a fun way to rank everyday things - and demonstrate the same comparison process that makes RM Compare so powerful.

  • Uncover your own hidden preferences through a simple comparative process
  • Contribute to the wisdom of the crowd - your efforts are added to everyone else's
  • Compare your personal rank order with the global one.
  • Check back to see how the global rank changes in real time as more people participate

Join from your mobile at top.compare.rm.com

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Top of the Class ranked results and QR code

How does it work?

Top of the Class uses a simple comparison process to create a rank order of things.

Instead of trying to make an absolute judgement on each thing, you’ll do it two at a time. All you have to do is decide which of the two is best.

Once you’ve done enough comparisons, you’ll be able to see exactly how YOU ranked the options and how it compares to the entire GROUP’s rank.

Join from your mobile at totc.compare.rm.com

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Items being compared during an Top of Class session

Contribute to the GROUP’s rank and see how it compares to YOUR's. Join in now and have your say!