RM Compare reaches around the world in 2023

Over the years our product vision has remained largely unchanged:

"To empower absolutely anyone to accurately assess anything whenever and wherever they want"

During this time, we hypothesised that the simple comparative process underpinning RM Compare would be able to solve several universal challenges. To test this, we set ourselves the task of seeing if we could get at least one active user on every continent in a calendar year. To make things a little tougher we also relied on un-paid (i.e. organic) search to drive interest.

As you can see from the image below in 2023 we made it (ok - excluding Antarctica!). Note that this is an image of actual product usage and not simply website visits.

RM Compare around the world 2023

We are continuing to dig into the data to get a deeper understanding of how the product is being used in different territories, however we feel that the headline is a positive one.

This will be encouraging for many of our partners who are also looking to solve problems for their customers in more than one territory or country.

If you would like to know more about how RM Compare can help please get in touch - especially if you are in Antarctica!