Newsletter: November 2022

RM Compare on Demand is here!

We are pleased to announce that we have arrived at the point where we can make the first iteration of RM Compare on Demand available to a limited number of partner customers and users. This is another major milestone and we would like to thank everyone who has helped us to get to this point. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

November see's the RM Compare team hitting the road to share product updates, in particular our progress with RM Compare on Demand (RMCoD). We will be talking to lots of people about the concepts in the new animation (above) and those described in the recently released an Interactive POC. Only by working closely with customers and users will we deliver the world class experience that everyone deserves. Let us know if you are attending any of the events listed - it would be great to catch up.

For those of you interested in getting 'hands-on' with an On-Demand comparative experience remember that you can try our Top of the Class mobile On Demand product right now.

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Why will RM Compare on Demand be a 'game-changer'?

We believe RMCoD has the potential to liberate assessment in completely new ways. It will encourage entirely innovative approaches to both curriculum and pedagogy, as well as supporting existing models. For example, we can see how 'when ready' assessment becomes a possibility. The global demand for original approaches to assessment, particularly for those hard to reach 'fuzzy' subjects, continues to rise post-pandemic as part of a general shift toward digitisation. We believe that on On-Demand comparative approach will play an essential role here.

One of the central themes we are seeing in every territory is a re-focusing on skills as illustrated in the recent directional report published by the British Labour party. The breadth and depth of what we consider a skill to be is massively challenging in an assessment context. On the one hand it might be practical skills, for example on vocational contexts. On the other it might be things like creativity or collaboration. Of course it is also likely to be a combination of both! We believe that RM Compare on Demand is uniquely placed to encourage skill development. There will be more to come on this soon.

How to get started with CJ On Demand

Find out how to join one of our Pilots and experience the benefits of On-Demand using existing functionality.

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But what about 'classic' RM Compare?

Don't panic. All the goodness in the classic version of RM Compare remains. In fact we are continuing to add even more features like the recently released White Label functionality.

For those getting to grips with the On-Demand approach you will appreciate the link between 'ranks' and 'rulers'. The 'classic' version of RM Compare will continue to be at the heart of the rank generation process.

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