RM Compare Newsletter May 2024

Welcome to the May edition of the RM Compare Newsletter - it's been another busy month. In the last edition we revealed that the intention was to move from BETA to General Availability. While work is still ongoing we are able to share some details of the Plans and Tiers that will be available very soon.

As a reminder this Newsletter is published monthly - you can find previous editions in the Blog section of the Product Portal. The following articles were published in April 2024.

New Case Study - School Group Assessment and Standardisation

In March 2024, Art teachers from E-ACT, a large multi academy trust of academies spread geographically across the UK, sought to rewrite this narrative as part of a wider Key Stage 3 Assessment Strategy redevelopment project. Read more.

Transforming University admissions with Adaptive Comparative Judgement

Improved speed, efficiency and reliability reduces workload for staff while promoting greater fairness with more authentic assessments. Read more.

Design thinking and Adaptive Comparative Judgement

RM Compare can significantly enhance design thinking in higher and further education by providing a platform that supports the iterative, user-centered, and collaborative processes central to design thinking methodologies. Read more.

Peer Learning through Adaptive Comparative Judgement in Higher and Further Education

Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) has been increasingly recognized as a valuable tool for peer learning in higher and further education contexts

RM Compare Personalised and Accessible Viewing Controls

It is important that Judges can consider Items in a way that meets their personal preferences and needs. RM Compare works well on all major browsers and devices. It also offers a number of user controls in the interface.