What is RM Compare?

A quick introduction to the world's best Adaptive Comparative Judgement system

It's easy to get started with RM Compare. You can sign up and get started right away.

Our comprehensive online Help Centre provides help and guidance as you progress.

There is also an introductory Blog Post.

We've created this short video (below) to help you to understand the basic concepts behind Adaptive Comparative Judgement and RM Compare

RM Compare - Simple and powerful

Just a few of the things that make RM Compare so brilliant.

1. RM Compare transforms a simple principle - that we are good at comparing things - into a powerful, intuitive system to assess, standardise, teach, learn, and drive impact.

2. Compare all sorts of things - writing, portfolio's, audio and even video. Provide services your users really value by creating authentic experiences for a modern world.

3. Confidently produce powerful reports offering deep insights into learning and performance, even for hard to assess skills and competencies. Use in formative and summative settings.

4. Powerful Accelerators allow you to deliver world leading solutions to your users, customers, and partners. With RM Compare you can provide unique solutions to a new marke

RM Compare provides a compelling solution to some of today's toughest challenges. Empower your assessors and learners, streamline your processes, and drive better outcomes.

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