Introducing Multi-Cohort Session Design - RM Compare at Scale

The RM Compare Team is super excited to announce the release of Multi-Cohort Functionality. We are driven by a 'moonshot' vision to empower absolutely anyone to accurately assess anything whenever and wherever they want. A key step toward this is to find ways to allow RM Compare to scale. We have been working with our users and partners for many months to try to understand how we might enable groups to work better together. We know that education is a shared experience, and we want to help people to collaborate.

Whether you are using RM Compare as an assessment tool for, as or of learning, we know the magic happens in the shared space that is an Adaptive Comparative Judgement session. We are confident that the new functionality will empower users to do even more amazing things - we can't wait to see what happens.

Time to get some super-powers!

A regular RM Compare session is set up by an Administrator who gathers together the Items and Judges, and also chooses the various settings necessary to meet the session objectives. This is called a Single Cohort Design (SCD).

Multi-Cohort Functionality in RM Compare allows multiple SCD’s to be brought together to form a Multi-Cohort Design (MCD). A good example of this is where a school group wants to be able to see the relative performance of different establishments. You can see the power of this approach in the Advanced Reporting capability.

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