Newsletter: June 2022


What's new in RM Compare?

We update RM Compare as frequently as possible. Each small iteration is based on our user insights (thank you users everywhere!). This approach allows us to build, measure and learn as fast as possible. It also stops us from making big bets on the wrong stuff.

Our latest release took place on 31st May 2022 and brought with it a huge step forward with new Multi-cohort session design functionality. To this point RM Compare has been limited by a single cohort design which made it difficult to scale to large numbers, especially where more than one class or institution was involved. We have learnt that the ability to look across separate groups is a key requirement (see Advanced Reporting), however it has been challenging to make this happen. The new Multi-cohort session design functionality makes this much easier and we can't wait to see what our users do with it.

Join us on the road

RM Compare is back on the road! It would be great to catch up at one the many in person events. Get in touch if you are attending.


In the news

One of the best ways to keep up with all things RM Compare is to check out our Blog. This is updated regularly with a wide variety of content. Highlights in the past month were

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Research focus

We are supporting research programmes around the world and are onboarding more all the time. To support our efforts we are pleased to welcome Lubna Kahn to Team Compare. Lubna is a Data Scientist with a strong background in research and will be providing even more support and energy to the efforts of our research partners.

If you would like to know more please get in touch.