Multi-Cohort Accelerator

The multi-cohort Accelerator allows for the creation of Parent-Child relationship between establishments to facilitate large scale sessions.

With the multi-cohort Accelerator you can set up a single Base Session for other establishments to join and contribute to.

A key advantage of the Multi-Cohort Accelerator is that it facilitates Advanced Reporting.

Take a look at the short introductory video by clicking the image below to get a better understanding of how it works.

The basic process

  1. The Session Administrator creates a Multi-Cohort Base Session and shares it as a Template to Contributing Establishments.
  2. Contributing Establishments use the Template to add their Items and Judges in the form a Data Session. Data sessions are 'handed-in' to the Session Administrator.
  3. The Session Administrator merges the contributed Data Sessions to create a new Merged Session.
  4. The Merged Session can now run to allow all Judges to participate and all contributed Items to be assessed.

How does it work?

The Multi-Cohort Session Creator can invite any number of licensed establishments to contribute Items and Judges to a Base Session.

Test your knowledge

Five quick questions to test your understanding

Multi-Cohort Accelerator Quiz

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