Creating an account

How to create new user accounts

You can sign up for an RM Compare account right away by clicking the link at the top of this page. This will give you access to our Free Trial plan as a Session Administrator.

In RM Compare there are 2 types of roles (or access levels).

Admins: They can create, run, control and manage assessment sessions.

Judges: Can only view and make judgements in a session they are invited to.

How do I become a Licensed Session Admin?

Session Admins need to register HERE with their establishment License Code (you will need to ask the License holder in your establishment to get this).

If you already have an RM Compare account (for example if you have been a judge or perhaps you have used the Free Trial) this will be upgraded when you apply the license code.

How do I become a Judge?

When an Admin creates a session, they will invite Judges to participate. Judges receive an email to notify them that this has happened. If you don't already have an account, you will be directed to a simple sign-up process. If you do already have an account, you will be invited to log in.

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