Adding Feedback to a session

You may want to ask your Judges to add feedback to judgements and items as they progress.

It is possible to allow Judges to add two types of feedback to an RM Compare session

  1. Judgement Feedback
  2. Item Feedback

There are a range of options available for each type to meet your session goals.

What's the difference between Judgement Feedback and Item feedback

With Judgement Feedback we are trying to understand why Judges are making their decisions. This can be valuable for example if we have a misfitting Judge.

Item feedback is generally used in Peer Learning scenarios. In this case feedback is aggregated as the session progresses and each Judge comments on an Item as they see them. As a Judge I am able to see previous comments and add my own.

How is feedback reported?

You will find all feedback data in your session reports. You can review the content as the session is progressing or at the end. It is also downloadable though the data extract.

It is possible to make feedback available to contributing judges by permissioning in the session set up process.

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