Adding items to a session

Text documents, images, videos, audio files or even websites, can all be uploaded into a session to be compared.

How can an Admin upload Items?

The simple user experience provided a number of options to get items into the system.

Who can upload Items?

Depending on the session set-up, items can be added to a session by Admins and Judges. This page describes matters from an Admins perspective. If you are a Judge, you should visit the Judge Corner.

You may see the option to 'Allow Judges to upload items'. This is an Accelerator made available to some Licenses.

RM Compare UI - Adding items as an admin

Supported file formats

All common formats for Images, Documents, Audio, Video and webpages can be uploaded to RM Compare (if enabled by your License).

File Type Common file formats
Documents Office documents (Word, Excel or PowerPoint*), PDFs
Video and Audio MP4, MP3, AVI, MPG
Webpages URL link

*Unfortunately, if PowerPoint files contain any interactive elements such as animations, video or sound, and is important for the judges to see and be able to interact with these elements, then these will need to be uploaded separately as individual Items.

Please note that the maximum file size uploaded from any source is 160 MB. If you require bigger file upload capacity, please get in touch.

You can also add links to online documents from your Google or Microsoft Drive (spreadsheets, documents, and slides) or links to YouTube videos. Remember however to check authentication settings. You can double check that Items are viewable by using the 'eye' icon in the Items area.

How can I monitor my Item uploads?

As Items are being processed into the system you are presented with a real-time progress dashboard. Once the Item has been processed you will be able to see that it is ready and can preview how it will look in the system. Simple Quality Assurance functionality allows you to check all Items before running a session.

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