Setting up a Top of the Class session

A fun way to rank everyday things - using the same comparison process that makes RM Compare so powerful.

If you have been provisioned with Top of the Class Admin functionality you will see a change to the Create Session interface. It will look a bit like the one below.

Top of the Class session set up screen

The next interface will look similar to the standard RM Compare interface, however, there are important differences and considerations when setting up a Top of the Class competition:

  1. You will not need to add judges – remember that judges sign up themselves through the mobile interface
  2. You will need to add items. Remember that TotC is a mobile experience. As such you should use appropriate item content. You will also not want to add too many items to avoid making the judge experience too laborious. Our experience is that 10 items are a good number.
  3. Once Items have been added you need to set the number of rounds – remember that more rounds provide greater accuracy in the rank but need more work from the Judges. Our experience is that 12 rounds are a good number.

You are now ready to publish the session, however, there are some important understandings to have when running multiple ToTC sessions.

Can my users see the results from closed sessions?

Users can see the results of any competition they have completed regardless of status.

What is the user experience if multiple competitions are published?

When they log into TotC users will be invited to participate in only one competition – this will be the oldest one published. When they have completed the oldest one, the next oldest becomes available and so on until there are no more available published competitions.

I have multiple TotC competitions but I want users to go to the latest one

Close all competitions except for the one you want users to go to. Ensure that this one is published.

How do I direct users to my ToTC competitions?

All of your competitions will run from the same URL (

What reporting is available?

At the moment there is no admin reporting available. To see the rank order sign up as a judge yourself.

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