Setting up a new session

It's easy to set up a new session in RM Compare.

When you sign into RM Compare you will land on your Home Page. Here you see a record of any previous sessions you have created. You will also find an invitation to create a new session.

Go with the flow!

The intuitive RM Compare user experience will take you through the four stages of setting up a session. We have included several prompts and 'callouts' to help you. In addition, you can always consult our Help Centre if you get stuck.

The importance of the Holistic Statement

Comparative Judgement takes a holistic approach to assessment. The holistic statement is an optional form of words you supply to help the Judges make their Judgements within a particular Session.

The statement can be made up of one or more individual criteria, or a summary of a collection of criteria.

Given the nature of the comparative process, we find that broader and more general guidance works best.

Status settings

While you are setting up your session you will see that the status is described as 'preparing'. This status changes as you progress to help you understand the precise stage that each of your sessions is at - this can become increasingly important as you add more sessions.

Setting up advanced sessions

We provide several Accelerators (for example Contributing Judges, Multi-Cohort) that can further extend the capability of RM Compare. In each case you should consult the relevant area of the Help Centre for guidance.

Test you knowledge

Five quick questions to test your understanding

Setting Up a New Session Quiz

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