Judge Workload calculator

How much work am I asking my Judges to do?

A key consideration for any Admin is how much work and effort each session will create for Judges. There are plenty of things that could influence this for example

As your get more experienced and perhaps investigate further (there has been plenty of research on this matter) you will get better at estimating judge workload.

Time to Judgement

A key variable when thinking about workload is 'time to judgement'. Helpfully your RM Compare reports provide valuable insights.

The Median time can be more reliable as this counters 'off-task' Judge behaviour where for example the Judge has left the task for a time but has not logged out of the system.

Judgement calculator

As you work through the session set up flow you will have the opportunity to use our Judgement Calculator. This allows you to define approximately how many Judgements you would like each Judge to make. Important here is the concept of Rounds.

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