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Turn your ranks into re-usable rulers. A simpler, faster and more predictable way of standardising assessment

Reimagining assessment - Time for some 10x thinking

The concepts and benefits of 10X thinking (sometimes called Moonshot thinking) have been around for a while now. In simple terms, it challenges us to think about how we can improve what we are doing by a factor of 10 times, rather than 10% like everyone else. CJ On-Demand has been our moonshot project for a while. We are getting closer to launch. Want to join us? How it works:

5 steps to on-demand

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Get hands-on with our latest Proof of Concept (POC).

A research-led approach

We have been working with our partners at the Technology University of the Shannon to test some of the underlying principles and assumptions. At the recent PATT39 conference the team presented their initial findings which you can read HERE (jump to Page 515 for the ACJ work). We are excited by the learnings and validations.

How to get started with On-demand?

On-demand simulation available

How does the CJ On-Demand simulation work?

Standard RM Compare sessions employ an adaptivity algorithm to intelligently surface pairs of items for judgement – this is called Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ). A Simplified Pairs session removes the adaptivity and instead takes control of both the pairing process and the judge allocation. The judge experience remains exactly the same as it is for standard RM Compare sessions.

Simplified pairs