Adding items to a session

You can use RM Compare to assess almost any subject, from Sport to Music, Art or English assignments. Text documents, images, videos, audio files or even websites, can all be uploaded into a session to be compared.

As an Admin

RM Compare UI - Adding items as an admin

The easiest way to add items to your session is to navigate to the Add Items tab and simply drag and drop them from your desktop. You can add files either one at a time or by selecting whole folders.

You can also upload items from your device by following the link on the top banner, or via URL using the Add webpages button.

If you are a regular RM Compare user you can also re-use items from previous sessions.

Learn how to allow your judges to submit their own items from your session settings.

As a Judge

If a session you’ve been invited to is showing with a red alert/icon, that might mean your session admin is expecting you to submit your own file (item) to be assessed during the session (hopefully they have told you to expect this!).

The easiest way to add your item is to click to View session and to find the Upload my work option, and simply drag and drop your file from your desktop. You can also upload a file from your device by following the link in the top banner, or via URL using the Add webpages button (if enabled by your admin).

You’ll also find details about deadlines and file types which can be used. 

Supported file formats

All common formats for Images, Documents, Audio, Video and webpages can be uploaded to RM Compare.

File Type Common file formats
Documents Office documents (Word, Excel or PowerPoint*), PDFs
Video and Audio MP4, MP3, AVI, MPG
Webpages URL link

*Unfortunately, if PowerPoint files contain any interactive elements such as animations, video or sound, and is important for the judges to see and be able to interact with these elements, then these will need to be uploaded separately as individual Items.

Please note that the maximum file size uploaded from any source is 160 MB.

You can also add links to online documents from your Google or Microsoft Drive (spreadsheets, documents, and slides) or links to YouTube videos. Remember however to check authentication settings. You can double check that Items are viewable by using the 'eye' icon in the Items area.

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