RM Compare Roadmap

What's Now, Next and Later

RM Compare takes a 'continuous delivery' approach to features and functionality. The expectation is that as we learn we will be able to consistently deliver more value to new and existing users.

While we do not have 'versions' or 'release plans', you may see reference to periods of time when we think you might experience something new in the system. For those unfamiliar


You can find a complete list of available feature and functionality here.

You will find detailed descriptions of these, including use cases, throughout the Product Portal. Each one is fully searchable in the Help Centre.

RM Compare can now be accessed through the RM Store.


We are also working on a new Group Administration Portal that will enable users to manage large sessions within and between establishments (for example with the Multi-Cohort Accelerator). This is expected to be available in Q3 2024.

The new functionality will introduce the concept of RM Compare Connectors which allow establishments to collaborate together on shared sessions.


We continue to complete preparatory work for an 'auto' On-Demand version of RM Compare. There is no timeline on this right now however a manual version can be used right now.