How to get access to Rulers

Use your Rulers on demand, as many times as you want, whenever you want.

A ruler is created by one of our Advanced customers for their users (their members, customers, teachers, or students). It can be used in several ways including assessing, standardising, moderating, training, and teaching and learning.

1. Get a license code from the Ruler maker

To get access to any Ruler you'll need to contact directly with its makers. To give you access to their rulers, Ruler makers need to share a License code with you. Once you’ve got your code, simply signup from the link below and their rulers will automatically appear in your dashboard.

Sign up here

2. Log in to find your Rulers

When you log in, follow the 'Use Ruler' button on the right top corner to see the list of rulers you’ve been given access to. If you've entered your license code but you can’t see any rulers contact the Ruler maker directly.

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