Interpreting your ruler report

Learn how to interpret and understand your data, and how get the most out of it.

The matching process has ranked your items against the ruler, you can now see:

In the example (above) we can see a wide performance spread with 1 item in the top 10% of the standard and 2 in the bottom. The notes are a quick reminder of some key assessment observations

To further understand outcomes I can take another look at my items and their match by clicking on the links.

The ruler can act as a benchmark to understand impact and progress over time. For example, after a period of intervention, new items from the same students could be matched against the same ruler. By exporting the data each time we now have a way of measuring progress between sessions.

Rulers can also be used in a moderation or training process. For example, two assessors might independently apply the same sample items to the same ruler. Comparing the reports in each case would help to highlight differences in judgements and opinions.