Uploading my work

You can use Rulers to assess almost any subject, from Sports to Music, Art or English assignments, using text documents, images, videos, audio or even websites.

1. Getting items ready

All common formats for Images, Documents, Audio, Video and web pages can be uploaded to RM Compare.

File type Common file formats
Documents Office documents, PDFs
Video and Audio MP4, MP3, AVI, MPG
Webpages URL link

Please note that the maximum file size uploaded from any source is 160 MB.

You can also add links to online documents from your Google or Microsoft Drive (spreadsheets, documents, and slides) or links to YouTube videos. Remember however to check authentication settings. You can double-check that Items are viewable by using the 'eye' icon in the Items area.

2. Uploading items

Access the ruler you want to use by clicking the blue button in the top right corner. Navigate to the ‘Add items’ tab to upload your files.

Simply drag and drop your files from your desktop and wait to see all files’ status showing as 'Ready'.

When you’re ready click on ‘Let's do this’.

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