What can you do with RM Compare?

There is a lot you can do with RM Compare - the only limit is your imagination

The basic concepts behind Adaptive Comparative Judgement are simple to understand - you will quickly see its potential.

Head over to our Case Studies and the Blog to learn more about some of the amazing RM Compare use cases.

Some of the sectors using RM Compare.

RM Compare drives impact every day at some of the world's leading organisations, meeting some of today's biggest challenges.

Our case studies highlight some of the amazing work that has already been completed or is still in progress.

A few RM Compare use cases

RM Compare is used by Accreditors, Educators and Learners in a range of settings. Our Blog posts frequently highlight some of the amazing work being done.

Read more about some use cases in Higher Education, K-12, Business, Government, Awarding Organisations and Non-Profits.

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