Non-profits have particular challenges that can be met by RM Compare

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An example use case - Assessing oracy with Voice 21

We have been working with our partners at the national oracy charity Voice 21 for sometime now. The challenge of oracy assessment is an important one and we are excited by the progress being made. You can read more about some of the work completed in the case study. You will also find a number of posts in our Blog section.

The challenge of grant awarding

We continue to work with several organisations for a whom a key task is to award grants. In many cases the task is an onerous one that can consume much needed resource that could be spent elsewhere. It is often the case that current processes are not as fair and transparent as they can be which can result in disgruntled applicants. The application process can also be time consuming and constraining for applicants and does not always encourage or reward the best applications.

With RM Compare grant awarding organisations can take a different approach. In a recent example an international organisation were frustrated by their innovation grant awarding program. Instead of encouraging diverse, exciting applications the existing process delivered the exact opposite!! Using RM Compare they were able to encourage applicants to submit highly diverse responses which were a much better representation of the innovation they were trying to explore.

The simple comparative process allowed the diverse entries to be welcomed and assessed quickly and reliably.

With RM Compare the only limit is your imagination

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