Inviting judges to a session

RM Compare makes it really easy to bring your team together online to collaborate. There are several ways you can invite people to join your sessions as judges or evaluators.

Navigate to the Add Judges tab to find the different options.

RM Compare UI - lnviting judges options

Invite by email

RM Compare UI - Entering list of judges email addresses

Simply  select “invite by email” from the available options on the screen and enter emails of your invitees. Email addresses will appear on the right where you can verify their details and track acceptance.

RM Compare UI - List of added email addresses

Your invitee will receive an email invitation and will be able to join the session right away. They will also receive a second email notification when the judging session begins.

If they’re not already registered with RM Compare yet, they will be invited to do so when clicking on the invite link. Registered users will be invited to log in.

Should you need to you can repeat this process multiple times in advance of the session starting, for example if you notice someone is missing from your invited list.

Inviting from a previous session

RM Compare UI - Selecting previous session from dropdown

Easily invite a group of judges who have participated in one of your previous sessions by clicking the Invite from previous session option.

The judges that were part of that session will now get an email invitation and be added to your new session. 

Create multiple users

RM Compare also allows you to pre-register a group of new users. This functionality can be particularly handy when:

Uploading user data from a CSV file

Firstly, export your user data (e.g., a list of students, teachers or examiners) in a CSV format.

Before uploading your file make sure your data is formatted correctly, each column in your file must have a unique heading (see example in blue on the image below), so it can be processed correctly.

Data correctly formatted with headings

Once you’ve selected the file you’ll be able to preview a sample of the data you’ve uploaded and select the column you’d like to use as a username - this is what users will need to log in later.

If you want to you can also select First and Last Names so you can easily identify and track users during the session.

Finally, define a generic group password (this will be the same for every user).

RM Compare UI - Previewing CSV data

If you want users to create their own individual passwords simply turn the switch on. Users will get an email with a link to log in, if they don't have an account yet they'll be asked to create a password first.

When you are ready, simply share with your users their Username and Password and point them straight to the Login page.

Using generic usernames

Simply fill in the details to define the usernames, size of the group and set up a common password:

RM Compare UI - Entering details to create new group of users
Prefix Define a Prefix or Name to the group e.g. Every username will be created using the format {Prefix}_{Number} e.g., EnglishY6_01, EnglishY6_02, EnglishY6_03, etc.
Number of users Enter the number of users needed (this number can be increased later if more users need to be added to the group)
Password Define a group password. All users will have to use the same password to access the session for the first time.

Once the users have been created, they will appear in your invited judges list.

RM Compare UI - List of created users

You will also receive an email with the list of usernames and passwords for each user so you can easily share the details with those who need access.

You can repeat this process once the new group has been created; you can add more judges if needed and you can update the password too.  Simply enter the Prefix of the group you want to update and type in the new number of users, or new password.

Invite self

You can quickly add yourself to the session by simply clicking Invite self from the available options on the screen. Your email will immediately appear in the invited judges list on the right.

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