Planning a successful session

Creating successful sessions in RM Compare is easy with just a little planning

To help you plan your sessions we provide a simple flow through 4 key elements for planning a successful session:

  1. Basic Settings: Here you will name your session and provide the important Holistic Statement.
  2. Items: These are the things you want to compare.
  3. Judges: These are the people you want to do the comparing.
  4. Feedback: Here you can describe any feedback you want from your Judges as they work through the session, for example what was the basis for their decisions.

Keep it simple

As you spend more time in the system you will gradually understand more about its capability. To start with we recommend taking an agile approach by running a few small sessions with a limited number of items and adding yourself as a judge. By doing this you will better understand the end-to-end experience and can start to generate some basic reporting.

Get inspired

You will find some brilliant case studies from our partners around the world which we hope will provide inspiration for your own efforts. In addition, our Blog is packed with stories, examples and thought pieces to get you thinking.

Get in touch

You can contact us anytime through the Get in Touch area. We love to hear from you and will try to provide the help you need. We offer consultancy where needed to anyone who wants to work on more complex projects.

Test your knowledge

Five quick questions to test your understanding

Planning a Successful Session Quiz

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