Awarding Organisations

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The RM Compare parent organisation RM Assessment works with some of the biggest Awarding Organisations in the world. As part of the wider assessment portfolio RM Compare has been able to work with some of these prestigious organisations and they make their digital assessment journey.

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Learning and Feedback:

How can we help our staff better understand what good quality responses look like?

Assessment & Moderation:

How can encourage and assess diverse candidate responses?

How can we reduce the burden of the moderation process?

Standards & Standardisation:

How can we set new standards in a changing world?

How can we standardise diverse work?

Case Study - The Independent Schools Examinations Board

Serving customers in over 70 countries around the world the ISEB is a unique and dynamic organisation motivated to lead the world with innovative assessments. In this recent case study you can read about some of the groundbreaking work we have completed together to support a new portfolio qualification.